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Andee Schell Designs of Dorothy Draper

The Alliances

The Alliances is a Virtual Assistant company in the Upstate South Carolina Market that Locke Design helped to debut with custom logo, brochure, website and stationery package including business card, note card and envelope. A colored stock envelope with one color was used to save money for the client on a start up budget in addition to other cost saving strategies.

Andee Schell Designs of Dorothy Draper


SharpeScapes is a landscape design and maintenance company that wanted to stand out from the competition and seem large and established. The SharpeScape brand was based on a logo that was then applied to vehicles, apparel, business cards and stationery. The identity was created to capture the attention of large corporate facility managers.

Andee Schell Designs of Dorothy Draper


AmeriKlean is a large commercial cleaning company serving the eastcoast of the United States. They came to Locke Design wanting a brand that had a “green” and environmentally friendly brand. Being a women owned company, they wanted that expressed in the identity as well. The logo, stationery system, brochure and website created displayed each of the company’s unique characteristics.

Andee Schell Designs of Dorothy Draper

Blanc de Chine

Blanc de Chine, based in Hong Kong, New York City and Beijing, chose Locke Design to create spring and fall collection brochures and invitations for their flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The programs and invitations have a modern Asian feel that recalls the Blanc de Chine fashion aesthetic.

Andee Schell Designs of Dorothy Draper

Turner Padget

The fifth largest law firm in South Carolina, Locke Design created many corporate event invitations for the firm. The invitations are fun, corporate and attention getting. This invitation was created for a party at the Greenville, SC Drive Stadium.

Andee Schell Designs of Dorothy Draper

Catherine Hayes Art + Sculpture

A purveyor of fine European and American Art in Greenville, South Carolina, Catherine Hayes Art and Sculpture is one of Locke Design’s oldest clients. Our firm built the Hayes brand through logo, stationery, brochures, invitations, direct mail, holiday cards, media buying and magazine ads, posters and many other designs.

Anderson Chamber of Commerce Logo


The Identiflyer is one of many products our graphic design firm marketed for both the retail and consumer markets for For The Birds Inc., which sells a myriad of electronic birding products. The Identiflyer is an electronic scanning wand including a book with bar codes that allows the customer to hear bird songs.

Catherine Hayes Art & Scultpture

Barbara's Kitchen

Barbara’s Kitchen Classes offers private in home lessons to clients who wanted to increase their culinary skills. Barbara came to Locke Design wanting a whimsical look for her small business that would capture the attention of potential clients. Our firm created an art deco logo along with a stationery package that is anything but dull.

Web Design For Kudzu Staffing

Mainstay Industrial

Mainstay Industrial sells valves, mixer pumps and fittings to some of the largest industries in the Southeast. Locke Design built the company's brand with logo, stationery and brochure. It was a challenge to make valves and mixers look corporate and exciting but we rose to the challenge.

Web Design For Kudzu Staffing

Cheek Interiors

When interior designer Anna Cheek decided to go out on her own with her interior design business after many years of working in architecture, she chose Locke Design to brand her company. We created an elegant logo and stationery system that worked well to establish her unique style with her clients.

Beaufort Library

Consolidated Southern

Consolidated Southern is a general, mechanical and electrical contractor who works with large corporations such as Duke Energy. Though a well established business the company wanted to re-brand to elicit new interest and have a more professional look with logo, stationery, website, vehicle signage, holiday cards and much more.

Beaufort Library

Hunt Through It

A business coach and counselor must be seen as professional, and a great logo and collateral design does just that! Hunt Through It is a business coach service serving Upstate South Carolina. Locke Design Omnimedia created a logo, stationery and website for the firm.

Beaufort Library

Folio Logistics

Folio Logistics is a service of Trendset Inc., a company that audits shipping invoices for companies such as Dell Computer, Maybelline, Cooper Light and Timberland. Locke Design created the sub-brand for Trendset with logo, brochures, website and other collateral designs including tradeshow materials.

Beaufort Library

Unique Solutions

Unique Solutions is a software company that serves large national retail companies such as Lowe’s and Best Buy. To draw attention to their company and to take their look to a new level, Locke Design re-branded the company with an attention getting logo, stationery, brochure and tradeshow materials.

Andee Schell Designs of Dorothy Draper

Beija Flor

Beija Flor means hummingbird in Portuguese, and this unique, women owned jean company makes jeans in Brazil to fit any woman’s size. The client came to Locke Design with an existing logo that we refreshed through a new look applied to a brochure targeted at retailers in the fashion industry. Locke Design has also hosted a fashion show in New York City with this company.


Bogari - Billboard

Bogari is a seller of European contemporary furniture in Greenville, South Carolina. Locke Design Omnimedia created a billboard design for the company to be used on Interstate 385 and other major traffic corridors to elicit store visits. The design reflects the simplicity of European contemporary furniture.

Cake Croutons - The Sweetry

Cake Croutons (The Sweetery)

Cake Croutons are a product of The Sweetry to be used on ice creams, salads and soups. Locke Design assisted the company in bringing the product to the retail market through logo, package design, sell sheets, banners and tradeshow designs. The food product is marketed to retailers for resale.

Andee Schell Designs of Dorothy Draper

For The Birds - Tradeshow booth

For The Birds Inc., which sells a myriad of electronic birding products, chose Locke Design as their design firm many years ago. We expressed their identity in large tradeshow panels to refresh an older tradeshow fabric wall. These tradeshow designs are used throughout America at a variety of market expos to draw the attention of large crowds.

Andee Schell Designs of Dorothy Draper

Prym Dritz - Tradeshow Booth

Prym Dritz is an international manufacturer of craft products and consumer goods. Locke Design created many products and textile designs which were sold in JoAnne Stores, Wal-Mart and Michaels. The firm was also chosen to create the craft division’s tradeshow booth. The 16,000 square foot booth incorporated interior design and graphic design and is used at the International Craft Fair in Anaheim, California each year.

Print Services

Print Design ServicesStationery, brochures, & business cards; Locke Design has built our reputation on print that get your message across and makes your communications memorable and professional.

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